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In the 1990′s, “Case Day” broke the record three times. The record reached 943 in 1991, 1003 in 1993 and in 1996 reached the 1053 mark, which stills stands.

In 1993, Fast Eddie sold his interest to Duke, and is now the owner of the Mount Nittany Inn atop Centre Hall Mountain. In 1994, sadness hit the Skeller once again with the passing of former owner “Johnny O”, who is now included with Doggie in our goodnight wishes upon the locking of the door. In 1996, the Skeller became completely computerized. The old fashion cash registers were replaced by touch screen monitors. Drastic efforts have been made to clean up the Skeller without disturbing any of the original artifacts. After all, the greatest part of the Rathskeller is being able to return to an unchanged tradition which spans the better part of a century.