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In 1955, Harry, a.k.a. “Spaghetti” or “Coach”, began working at the Skeller. In 1958, Doggie Alexander sold the Rathskeller to Dean Smith of Potter’s Mills, who became “Dean” of the Skeller.

He instituted the real “Dean’s” list for the everyday patrons, and conducted a much different school of learning. His picture can be found at the end of the bar by the men’s room.


The 1940′s saw the arrival of two of the most famous “Skeller Rats” of all time. Spider, the ever-smiling cook, and without a doubt, the most famous “Skeller Rat” of all time, Harry Neideigh.

Spider first introduced the Reuben to State College, and also started his own creation, the “Spider” burger, loaded with swiss cheese and grilled onions. Both of these tasty items still appear on the Skeller menu. Harry Frank Neideigh first arrived at the Skeller in 1948, and ordered two pony bottles of Rolling Rock. Several years later, Harry became an employee. He has never left, and can be found perched upon his signature stool at the bar everyday. Click to read Harry’s entire story.


On November 6, 1933, Prohibition was repealed. A State College resident, “Pop” Flood, owner of the Greenroom Restaurant, saw the perfect opportunity to expand his business. Three days later, on November 9, 1933, “The Rathskeller & Gardens” opened for business, becoming the fourth, oldest licensed bar in the state.

At this time, no liquor was sold anywhere in State College, and according to the law, only beer was allowed to be sold in public taverns. Also during this period, Rolling Rock got its start in Latrobe, Pa.. “Pop” thought it was a logical choice to bring together a local pub with a local beer, and so began the tradition of rock ponies at the Skeller. A year after giving birth to the “Rathskeller & Gardens”, the Floods decided to turn their full attention to the Green Room Restaurant. So in 1934, C.C. “Doggie” Alexander bought the bar, and changed the name to the “All American Rathskeller”.